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About Us

Chris Wedgwood

Broker Associate

Carrying on a family legacy in the real estate business, I started my career in 2016, joining forces with my dad Van Wedgwood at the tail end of his illustrious 50(ish) years in the business. His continued mentorship has been invaluable to my success and the success of each and every client I have the privilege of working with. 

Before him, my grandfather Lee Wedgwood was known as "Mr. Real Estate," with his firm Wedgwood Realty helping pioneer the industry in Colorado to become what is today.

I bring a unique background to my business, having started my career in the medical device field - selling orthopedic trauma devices - I spent countless hours working as part of the team in the operating room to provide expert product knowledge and ensure successful outcomes for patients when it matters the most.

I approach my real estate business with the same amount of dedication to excellence that's required when helping a surgeon in the OR (though I'm glad we don't typically sell houses at 1:00am, I'd probably still answer the phone). Attention is paid to every detail, communication and responsiveness are imperative, and my client's needs always come first. A smooth and successful transaction is the only option when working with me.

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Mikhael Anderson

Licensed Assistant

Mikhael joined the team in 2021 after also having worked for 10 years in the medical field assisting with the needs of both her patients and doctors. 

For her patients, this included proactively managing their care and coaching them through their treatment programs. For her very busy doctors, she kept them organized through a myriad of details and helped train and integrate new hires into the practice.

Mikhael also happens to be Chris's stepsister (and Van's stepdaughter for those keeping tracks) and brings a solid family connection to the team and our mutual success. Further, she's a mother to two wonderful children...well three if you count her husband she's definitely what you'd call a master at handling a heavy workload!

These skills definitely pack a punch when translated to the real estate industry making Mikhael a powerful asset to our team and vitally important to ensuring that all of our client's needs are addressed as we continue to grow!

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Van Wedgwood

Retired (Maybe Assistant to the Regional Manager?) 

Van is what some might refer to as a dinosaur of the industry. Some say he sold real estate from the womb, but those might just be myths passed down through the generations. 

All kidding aside, Van's lifetime of experience and REALTOR emeritus status bring a powerful combination of knowledge, experience and creative problem solving to our team. Having been through every market cycle one could imagine, he's seen the best of times and the worst of times...and remained successful through it all. 

How? His focus has always been on operating with honesty, integrity and doing what's best for his clients. Just like his dad before him, he'd tell you that "he never had a real job, just sold real estate." Which goes to show you the passion and joy he took from his years in the business. 

While he's technically "retired," he continues to mentor the team and always has the answers if we run into something we haven't seen before. I guess that's one of the benefits of being as old as time itself. 

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